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From The Desk Of: Lucie Woods

Dear Internet Marketer,

aturally, you already know that one of the most effective methods of growing your online business is to have an army of affiliates promoting your products. If you are like me, you will already be aware of Pareto's Law which states that 80% of your affiliate generated sales come from just 20% of your affiliates. And that's if you're really lucky... Often, less than 9% of all affiliates make more than just one or two sales.


What if there was a way of firing up your
affiliates with energy and enthusiasm?


p until now, there have only been three basic methods of rewarding affiliates: pay-per-click, pay-per-lead and pay-per-sale.

Pay-per-click programs pay the affiliate a fixed amount for every unique visitor that they send to your website.

Pay-per-lead programs pay the affiliate a set dollar amount for a specific action taken by the visitor, such as signing up for a free newsletter or submitting an information request.

Pay-per-sale programs pay your affiliate a commission (either a percentage of the sale amount or a flat fee per sale) on all sales that result from their referrals.

As an Internet Marketer, you are already paying your affiliates on a pay-per-sale basis and, as you know, you are competing with thousands of other Marketers who also use Clickbank.

You need an edge, you need that extra special something that will attract those elusive super affiliates to promote your products rather than your competitor's products.


Just As You Must Sell Your Products To Your Customers - You Must Also Sell Your Rewards Package To Your Affiliates...


n short -- You need to offer your affiliates more than the average marketer, you need to stand head and shoulders above the crowd... Your rewards package has to be so attractive that the top performing affiliates are beating a path to your door!

If you want your affiliates to go the extra mile to drive more hungry buyers to your website, you must reward them handsomely... You must give them a valuable reward that they can only get from you.


That's where this amazing new system comes in...


he automated CB Affiliate Reward system gives you the power to offer much more than just a share in the profits... you will now be able to set specific targets for your affiliates to achieve pre-determined levels of sales and when they reach those targets they will automatically be rewarded with a relevant bonus.

You can reward your affiliates with special bonuses (What a great way of getting real value from those resale rights products you already own) and, as soon as they achieve the targets that you set, your affiliates get an immediate notification with a direct link to a download page.

You can set targets at whatever level you like and you can set as many levels as you want to. Just imagine how hard your affiliates will work at promoting your products when they know that they can win prizes such as iPod's, Laptops, or anything else you want to offer.


The Powerful Yet Simple To Use CB Affiliate Reward System...


  • Allows Affiliates To Easily Join Your Affiliate Reward Program
  • Provides Your Affiliates With An Up-To-Date Record Of Their Sales
  • Automatically Emails Affiliates When They Achieve A Sales Target
  • Has A User Friendly And Simple To Use Admin Control Panel
  • Is Fully Integrated With The Clickbank Hoplink System
  • Allows You As Merchant To Set Multiple Levels Of Sales Targets
  • Works With Cloaked Affiliate Links


n an increasingly competitive marketplace is it vitally important that you are able to maximize your sales revenue. Promoting your products through a team of highly motivated and successful affiliates is the most cost effective marketing strategy.

Let's just think about this for a moment or two... just imagine that you are a highly successful affiliate and you can choose from every single product in the Clickbank Marketplace.

What if you could earn more than just a commission? What if you knew that by investing exactly the same effort as you would need to promote any other product, you could earn additional bonuses by promoting just one intelligent merchant's products?

How would you feel about promoting someone's products knowing that marketer really values his or her affiliates and understands how important it is to be appreciated, encouraged and supported?

Nothing Else Can Compare With The
CB Affiliate Reward System...


ell now is the right time to stake your claim in your niche market, to build a team of highly motivated affiliates and to take your sales revenue to a whole new level. With the CB Affiliate Reward System you will gain...

  • The Ability To Recruit The Top Performing Super Affiliates.
  • A Team Of Highly Motivated Affiliates Working Day And Night Making You More And More Sales.
  • Even More Money To Invest In Growing Your Business.
  • Extra Time To Spend On The Things That Are Really Important To You.
  • The Reputation As A Marketer That Looks After Affiliates.
  • A Real Advantage Over Even Your Closest Competitor.
So, let's have a very quick recap... With the brand new CB Affiliate Reward System you will make more sales, spend much less on advertising, put more money into your bank account and have lots more free time to do exactly what you want...

Not only that but... you will gain much more credibility in your market niche and build your reputation as a great Clickbank Merchant.


Now Let Me Sweeten The Deal And Make This An
Absolute No-Brainer Must Have Package...

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To your success!

Lucie Woods

P.S. I'm going to show that I walk the talk... When you sign up today you will get immediate access to join my affiliate program and with just three sales you will not only get your investment back - you will also get a valuable affiliate bonus!

P.P.S. Whatever you sell through Clickbank... for example with a typical $27 special report and a 50% commission you only need six extra sales from your affiliates to recover the tiny cost of the CB Affiliate Reward System.